Dear Fauna,

I would like to propose myself as the next hire for your company. I have read the website, and have tried the code examples, and I must say that I love your product. Fauna perfectly fits in the serverless scenario and provides one of the key blocks we are still missing: we have functions as a service, we have powerful frontend frameworks, CDNs, what we need is a DB designed around this service model. I Believe that serverless will be the go-to approach for future applications and I would love to be part of the development of its core architecture.

I am a full-stack engineer with more than 12 years of experience, and, given my experience, I’m sure that I would be a great fit for this position. For the past years, I have worked as a software developer. I started my career enrolling in a Ph.D. on the security of computers, then I moved to the industry as a backend engineer (PHP, Clojure, and Node.js, mainly), DevOps (AWS and Docker) and later as a frontend developer (React and React native). I have worked in startups, with small teams, and I have learned the hard way what it takes to deliver working code and support it in production. I can adapt to new challenges and I am at ease when studying technologies that I do not know yet. My background allows me to wear many different hats, a quality which I think is very valuable in your context.

I understand that currently, you don’t have any specific full-stack position, but I’m applying anyway because I would like to make a connection to starting the hiring process as soon as there is a possibility. My experience as a software developer will bring some value to the company and its product. I’m available to answer any questions via email at or on your Slack.