• AWS good parts. A page that summarize the good parts of the most relevant serviced in AWS. It shows pro, cons, things to pay attention. So far only DynamoDB, S3, EC2, Lambda, SQS & Kinesis, ELB. Maybe it will be updated in the future. #AWS #cheatsheet

Web Design

  • Google PageSpeed Insights. A tool that analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. #speed

  • SWR for React. A library that implements the stale-while-revalidate data fetching approach. Very easy to use and integrate in react. #react #data-fetch


  • A list of MIT licensed icons. A github repo with a set of over 350 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for you to use in your web projects. Each icon is designed on a 24x24 grid and a 2px stroke. #icons


  • Evercookie. A project that creates a cookie very difficult to remove. #tracking #web